How to Legally Obtain CBDNews

  • The CBD Arsenal Staff

Where is CBD Legal?

While it's impossible to succinctly explain the complexities of legalization, it is safe to acknowledge that at the federal level, CBD is currently categorized as a "new drug". As a "new drug", CBD is not considered an illegal substance, nor related to marijuana, the Schedule I drug. However, that's not all.

There are many different naturally occurring chemical compounds produced from Cannabis sativa. CBD, of course, is one of these extracted compounds, while another example is THC. THC and CBD are very different substances. So much so, that the federal government even classifies THC and CBD with entirely different legal structures.

At the state level, more states are beginning to pass laws for regulating low-THC cannabis products. A few states have even already enforced some legal protections, such as Kansas, Texas, and Florida. Whereas THC itself, a much more intoxicating extract of Cannabis sativa, is federally classified as a Schedule I drug in the US.

At present, there is only one form of prescription CBD available, known as Epidiolex. This may be prescribed to children with intractable epilepsy. However, CBD itself is still awaiting full FDA approval, for relief of other symptoms, in other contexts.

While it seems that Cannabis law may begin to see some reform, the federal government has yet to state any concrete CBD laws or even significant forward movement for regulation. Therefore, no legal advice nor definitive statements can be given at this time.

For the sake of creating a profitable industry, however, it is likely (though not guaranteed) that the FDA may regulate CBD as an OTC drug.


What is a CBD Marketplace?

Just as the forms of CBD available for purchase are incredibly varied, so too are the ways in which you are able to purchase CBD products. Thus, a CBD marketplace is any place where merchants of CBD can sell their products to interested CBD customers. These marketplaces exist both online and offline.

Where Can I Buy CBD?

There are likely many places available within your state, where you can purchase CBD products. However, much of the CBD marketplace exists on the internet. There are several reasons for this.


Firstly, the online shopping experience is often more preferable than purchasing in person can be. It can be far simpler to browse any information about a product online, as well as view a larger selection of products. Some online CBD retailers even offer lower prices for the same products you may be able to find in person.


Secondly, because the CBD industry is largely unregulated at this point, it can be safer to purchase online from a company you trust. By doing your own research on a company, and its products, you may be able to more accurately assess the trustworthiness of the retailer.

What Are Some Examples of CBD Products I Can Buy?

As stated previously, there are many different forms of CBD available for purchase. Some of the confusion when buying CBD products comes from the many different product names. Below, is a run-down of some of the most common CBD products, as well as some general CBD-related terms.  -

  • CBD, of course, is a naturally occurring cannabidiol in the Cannabis sativa plant. This Cannabis plant can be altered to produce lower levels of THC, and higher levels of CBD.
  • While CBD oil is a cannabidiol-rich extract from the Cannabis sativa plant itself, hemp-seed oil is a Cannabis sativa seed extract. The concentration of all cannabinoids in Cannabis sativa seeds is very low. Rather, these seeds are filled with many nutrients such as omega acids. (While hemp-seed oil and CBD oil come from the same plant, that is their only major similarity. Much of the blurred lines between the two are due to CBD oil sometimes being labeled as hemp oil, in an attempt to soften the marketing of the product.)
  • CBD-rich hemp oil is a term that specifies the origin of the CBD oil.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil, sometimes referred to a "raw" hemp / CBD oil, is an oil with all of its terpenes, cannabinoids and other natural compounds.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil, is the same as full-spectrum CBD oil, with the major exception of the THC, which has been almost entirely removed.
  • Isolate CBD powder or crystals is an easily crushable white powder formed from the extracted cannabidiol molecules of CBD-rich hemp oil.